We support the freedom to marry the person you love!

What will there be to eat?

If you are invited to the wedding, we hope you know us well enough to know there will be a whole pig, and all kinds of other unhealthy, starchy sides.

Are the wedding and the reception happening in the same place? 

Yep. The Alexander Majors Barn.

Will there be a lot of time in between the two?

Nope. Think of it as a raucous barn party with a wedding ceremony at the beginning.

What should I wear?

Think 1950s barn wedding. Ladies: have fun with it. Men: the groomsmen will be in jeans, plaid shirts and vests. That’s plenty fancy for us. The good news is that the barn is fully heated, so you don’t need to cover up your festive clothes with a cow hide. That said, this is not a costume party. Most of all, you should be comfortable. Speaking of: because there isn’t full seating at either the ceremony or the reception, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes.

Why Thanksgiving weekend?

We wanted an excuse to leave our future kids with family every Thanksgiving weekend and escape for our anniversary. That, and the timing just worked for us and our wedding party. Hopefully it works for you, too!

Will I have an assigned seat at the reception?

Unless you’re in the wedding party, or immediate family of Emily or Kyle, probably not. We’re doing this wedding on a budget, and there just isn’t enough room (read: there wasn’t enough money to have the wedding in a bigger space) to “super comfortably” accommodate everyone we invited. There will more than 100 seats, as well as cocktail tables set up for mingling, and plenty of spaces to hang out. Hopefully it will be warm enough you can sit on one of the picnic tables outside if you give your seat up to the 80-year-old woman who crashes our wedding (we didn’t invite any 80-year-old ladies). Our hope is that you’ll spend so much time on the dance floor you won’t want to sit down.

What’s the entertainment?

As if we’re not entertaining enough, local Americana band, The Grisly Hand, will play the reception. We met at their show, they played Kyle’s 30th birthday party in 2011 and then he proposed to Emily on stage at their show at the end of that year. UPDATE: David Burchfield and The Great Stop will play the ceremony.

Who is officiating?

We are honored to be married by the Reverend Ann Kansfield of the Greenpoint Reform Church in Brooklyn, NY. You can read her blog here.

Where are you registered?

We have a few small registries, but if you’d like to get us a gift, we’d love for you to contribute to our honeymoon fund.

My invite didn’t say “plus one,” “and guest,” or list my kids’ names. May I bring a date/guest? 

Due to space and money restrictions, we’re really trying to keep the guest list where it is. But if you have someone special in your life, and we left him or her out, by all means, let us know! We are currently, um, over capacity — but this is a celebration of love, so we’ll see what we can do. See below for kids.

What about kids? 

Unfortunately, we currently don’t really have enough space for all of the adults we invited — and, frankly, this is an adult occasion — so if you could find a babysitter, we’d really appreciate it. If your grown kids are invited, they will receive their own invitations or be listed on yours.

Hey! Why wasn’t I invited? 

Oh… this is awkward. Well, either we don’t like you very much, your invitation got lost in the mail, or (most likely) we really wanted to invite you but budget constraints and large families on both sides made it impossible for us to invite everyone we would have wanted to celebrate with. But, hey, let’s get a drink soon!

Any questions we didn’t answer for you? Leave them in the comments section and we’ll try to respond in a timely manner. 

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